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  1. Hi, It seems that's only minor variations, not recognized by modern taxonomy. here a specimen in C.E. Sulawesi: The best, Aurélien
  2. Hi all! To begin '21 with a nice new, the first (impressive!) flower of Strophocactus wittii in Nancy's greenhouses. Growing epiphytically in the trunk of Cecropia membranacea, from cuttings from Geneve BG (Switzerland) in 2017. The best, Aurélien
  3. Looks like aphid of acari attack. We could see some holes in the tip of the leaves.
  4. Nice pictures Jay, and thanks for in situ observations 😉
  5. Of cause Derrick! Would you prefer that I send it by email?
  6. Another old accession, from Besançon in 1977!
  7. A specimen of our accession from Botanischen Tuinen, Utrecht, in cultivation since 1978! It correspond mostly to the heterotypic synonym C. stenophylla.
  8. Hi, An interesting paper about the malesian palms Korthalsia: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s12225-019-9854-x This recent article (21 December 2019) present a nice overview of the myrmecophilous species of this little kown genus. The best, Aurélien
  9. I re-upload my pictures from Sulawesi Tenggara. Actually, it's seems to be a Decaisnina, but not D. sumbawensis. Perhaps a new species, as many plants and animals observed here...
  10. Another pictures from the specimens in cultivation here in Nancy. The best, Aurélien
  11. I'm quite sure to have find it in a list of ant-garden plants a few years ago... But I can't find my references yet. Or perhaps I'd did a misinterpretation with Codonanthe crassifolia (Codonanthopsis c.)? The really near Columnea linearis si reported from ant-gardens in Costa-Rica. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/228473711_The_diversity_and_ecology_of_ant_gardens_Hymenoptera_Formicidae_Spermatophyta_Angiospermae
  12. Hi Derrick, Thanks for these infos and for the intention. Today in flowers in our private greenhouses : The best, Aurélien
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