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  1. Tlk abt getting a freaking headache. No wonder there is soooooo much confusion in the ant plant world. Greatly appreciate any insight. Hoya imbricata var. imbricata [green leaves & drk green speckled white/silvery leaves], Hoya imbricata var basi subcordata [drk green speckled white/silvery leaves], Hoya imbricata maxima [silver leaves], Hoya imbricata maxima [red corona/flower--drk green speckled white/silvery leaves], Hoya Imbricata maxima [white flower--drk green speckled white/silvery leaves], Hoya imbricata maxima [yellow corona--drk green speckled white/silvery leaves], Hoya
  2. ok. here i have [first 2 pic mine] Myrmecodia erinacea. i have had 2 thus far. in the pics awesome spines. the 3rd pic is from a member of Ant Plant Cultivation on fb. i tried to do some digging on this but there r so many mislabeled pics out there or variations???
  3. does anyone have pics of Aechmea Brevicollis seeds?? does anyone else grow it??
  4. Monolena is such a mystery to me. seems every pic of diff ones r named primuflora. r ppl just giving them that name or r there that many variants? an i was sent a few Calycogonium hispidulum but these i have r not. i believe them to a Monolena.. 1st 2 pics r Medinilla succulenta, 3rd Monolena wendlandii, 4th Monolena trichopoda, 5th Monolena primuflora, 6th Monolena primuflora flower, 7th Medinilla scortechinii flowering, 8th & 9th received as Calycogonium hispidulum [NOT] amuse a Monolena?? 10th & 11th Monolena sp. [Ecuador], 12th & 13th Monolena??
  5. this one is freaking awesome with the blue flowers
  6. when i first received this plant i couldn't believe how tall it was. then i realized didn't have a terrarium tall enough for it to go into. it was the 3rd or 5th ant plant i bought in 17' or 18' i think. i cut 4 branches off an stuck them in spag moss. hoping to get them to at least root. at that time i was asking around abt who else might have tried to grow out cuttings from their ant plants. i couldn't find anyone, i was also being ask the same question. and if i did i have forgotten all abt it. again i was looking to throw cuttings away if they weren't producing caudex's. to make space for
  7. thus far Hydnophytum orichalcum has quickly become my fav amoung my ant plants collection. simple because of its way diff caudex from most others. i'm training my mother plant bonsai style. as u can see in the first 3 pics. i decided when i first got into ant plants i had to trim back a few plant due to growing them in terrariums. less expensive terrariums r on avg 18"-24" tall. i could kick myself now for selling for selling my 180 gallon tall [4'] tanks. oh well live an learn. i'm wrking on a greenhouse outside for summer an one in my basement for winter. after memorial day i always put my t
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