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  1. Look like Squamellaria tenuiflora ”hairy tuber“.The geographical position is same as S. tenuiflora.
  2. Hello, everyone, I got My Myrmecodia schlechteri(Gurupoka, PNG) in 2018.11, Pic1& Pic2 are the photos when it first arrived, you could see the leaves are healthy~ Pic1: Pic2: But from 2018.12, the mean growth point don't produce leaves, and then It appears many Bud point, but from the new bud point, the new leaves are not healthy, you could see in Pic3, Pic4, Pic5 and Pic6, the leaves are so small!!! And become dysmorphism. I set up the temperature at day:24-27℃, night: 12-14℃, air humidity: 85-100%. Pic3: Pic4: Pic5:
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