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  3. In 2017 I received a packet of seeds labeled as Anthorrhiza caerulea. I sowed them and got good germination. There was some variation in the seedlings and young plants but all were making large asymmetrically branched spines on both the caudex and stem - what was not to like about that! In 2018 and 2019 I sold some of the plants on the American eBay using the name on the seed packet, Anthorrhiza caerulea. "Caerulea" is derived from a Latin word meaning blue in reference to the fact that this species has beautiful blue flowers. My first plant bloomed in September of 2020 and is pictur
  4. Are these tours a regular or even yearly occurance ?
  5. Hi all! To begin '21 with a nice new, the first (impressive!) flower of Strophocactus wittii in Nancy's greenhouses. Growing epiphytically in the trunk of Cecropia membranacea, from cuttings from Geneve BG (Switzerland) in 2017. The best, Aurélien
  6. Frank


    Thank you very much to all who have contributed to the funding of our forum in the previous years! AS TO THIS YEAR, 2021: Every time I sign on to our forum the first thing I check is who is currently online. Over 90% of the viewers are "guests". Many of our original and early members have left or visit only occasionally. This is not really a surprise; there has always been an "ebb and flow" to what group of plants are popular and being sought out in any given year. The "tide is clearly out" on ant-plants right now. There are thousand of books and websites for orchi
  7. Has anyone had any similar success stories recently ?
  8. A few weeks ago I bought a variegated dischidia oiantha. It has several new growths on it that are growing fine since I got it, getting larger and more mature. Since it seemed to be doing so well I thought I'd try propogating it to make my pot a bit fuller. I took a cutting, allowed it to dry and sat it in some water. The cutting died. I tried again, but placed it in its own substrate. That one also dropped its leaves, turned brown, and died. My third one just died also. That one I simply layed it on top of the substrate, covered the aireal root just a bit, and left it to its own. Still it die
  9. If anyone (apart from Andreas Wistuba) cultivate and propagate Hydnophytum caminiferum? I lost my plant last year and it is still unavailable for me. I can buy it or offer quite many rare plants like Amorphophallus pendulus. However I don't have any less popular ant plants for swap.
  10. frogsintn3, The third photo in your posting above is not a M erinacea - The leaf shape is drastically wrong and there needs to be branched spines on the caudex.
  11. they are plants that like a humid atmosphere, so pay attention to their watering neither too much (with the risk of rotting) nor not enough (with the risk of desiccation) the second seem to be a hydnophytum moseleyanum ( old name H.papuanum)
  12. Hallo Jeff, Thanks for your reply yes I bought it in a garden center. in a few weeks I am going to a center that is specialized in Caudex plants. If I get special tips I will let you know warm wishes. Gonny
  13. your myrmecodia ( may be a beccarii) seem in good shape. it is a plant from garden center ?
  14. have you a picture? what are yours growing conditions ?
  15. Hallo dear people, I have a question, my Myrmecodia tuberosa witch I bought a couple of weeks ago is loosing some leaves is this normal.
  16. Could be Thripses? Anyways, I am new to ant plants, bought same plant recently, it does have similar brown spots under the leaves, can't see any insects there though.
  17. thanks a lot, unfortunately the plant died. I found large deposits of mold all over the root and even on the caudex. unfortunately...
  18. Hi Anita, welcome to the forum. Why don't you gather a little more information on this. Perhaps use a single-edge razor blade to cut the raised area in several different directions and see if they are solid or if there are perhaps insect larvae inside. Are new ones forming constantly or did the plant come with a certain number and they are not increasing? You may want to do a precautionary spray for bugs, something like safer's insecticidal soap - especially lf more leaves are getting the deformation since you got the plant. If it is not showing up on new, previous uninfected leaves you
  19. Hi everybody, I purchased Myrmecodia beccari a few weeks ago and it came with something weird on the undersides of her leaves. I don't know whether it's a disease of some sort or pest. It is not critical yet but I think more and more leaves are getting it. I cut those leaves off just in case. I would appreciate it if you could give me any kind of information.
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