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Inter-generic Ant Plant Hybridization?

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Actually that's something I thought about a lot. While most Myrmecodia flowers are quite closed, Hydnophytum flowers are open. Did anybody ever recognize any offspring that looks quite different from the mother plant, maybe due to hybridization with other plants in the same greenhouse?

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Hydnophytiinae, and especially Myrmecodia seems to be cleistogamous...

In plants wich produces seeds in cultivation, each flower give a fruit! I think taht we don't have the pollinisator in our greenhouses in Europa...


To answer to Andreas, if I've see little polymorphism in the seedlings, I never see young seedlings really different from the mother plant!


But why not, we can certainly observe hybridization in nature, where an external pollination coul occur. Or in cultivation if the grower make the cross pollination!


But I never seen any mention of an hybrid in these genus...

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