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  1. Ah I do have slight problems with a tiny species of snail. They don't cause real concern with larger plants, but I could see them eliminating these little guys. Thanks for the heads up Jay, I have an indoor spot they can have.
  2. Just moved the seedlings outdoors. Temps shouldn't get below 50F until fall. Plants are located underneath a south facing overhang, where they could catch a bit of sun first thing, but within an hour or so they'll be in shade the remainder of the day. Weather will be cloudy for the next few days anyway.
  3. Too wet is a distinct possibility Jay. All of the seedlings I got were from seed that landed right on top of the media, none that fell into the nooks and crannies developed at all. The seeds that arrived already germinated were not far along, just a little white nub sticking out the pointy end of the seed. I'll pull the covers off of the pots to let the media dry a bit, and then just keep it damp. Humidity is on the rise around here anyway, so they won't dry out too quickly. When & how much should I start fertilizing?
  4. I posted this pic in a previous thread, but it seems appropriate here. It's a pic from the back of my Myrmecodia growing on a sheet of EcoWeb, which is basically a different trade name for the Epiweb Jay mentioned. It's my first attempt at an Ant Plant and I'm very satisfied with the results. The plant has grown a dozen new leaves and the caudex has nearly doubled in about 8 months:
  5. I though I saw a reference to hybrids here Jay. Perhaps it was in reference to a species which was thought to be a hybrid and later ascertained to not be one?
  6. I've seen a few references to hybrids of Myrmecodia species, but is anyone aware of the possibility of hybrids between combinations of Myrmecodia, Myrmephytum and Hydnophytum species?
  7. I didn't note the exact date of sowing, but we're at about the one month mark. Initial germination was very rapid, several seeds showed signs of germination upon receipt. All seeds which germinated did so within a little over a week. I can't say which seedling is which so I don't know if the seeds which were germinating upon arrival are among the dead or the living. Temperatures were room temp, ranging from high 60s to mid 70s. Humidity was maintained by keeping the seeds in a closed container with a daily inspection which provided gas exchange. Lighting was provided by 2 9W 6500K LEDs approx
  8. Here's the first seedling to open its leaves from the seeds I got from Stone Jaguar Thanks again Jay!
  9. Just got another ant plant without leaving the house!
  10. Not all Tillandsias have a relationship with ants. Which species do you have? I have a bulbosa 'Gigante' which is know to harbor ants, and a cyanea and velutina that don't. I have an unidentified Dischidia that looks very much like pectenoides that was growing up a small Ficus in a terrarium. I found it to grow pretty well for me in a bright fluorescent light with daily spraying. I just removed it to remount it to go outside for the summer. I'm sure some sun will give it a boost..
  11. The enclosure has a footprint of 36" x 36", and lighting is provided by 4 36" T5HO tubes so it's reasonably intense, considering the caudex of the plant is only about 12" below and the plant has grown to within about 4" of the fixture. I have a ceiling fan about 5' away, which provides a lot of air movement in the tank. Plus all water goes off for 12 hours at night, including the irrigation for the green wall the plant is mounted on. The only moisture related issue I've had has been some shrooms and assorted fungi growing out of some of the wood but it's only on 2 pieces on the floor of the la
  12. Thanks Jay, the plant is definitely subjected to wide swings in RH, as the paludarium it's growing in is open topped. Most days I run a pair of ultrasonic foggers during the daylight hours, but not always. When the foggers run the entire enclosure is in a cloud. And at night the humidity certainly drops to near ambient conditions, which in the winter is very low. All water that enters the system is either rainwater or RO/DI. I'm planning on a top for the system, but I need to build something that will allow a bit more headspace than simply laying a sheet of glass across it. Oh, and lmk when t
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