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UVB Lighting

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About seven months ago I switched over from 6500k T5s to Hortilux T5 PowerVeg bulbs. I run the UVB, 420nm, and 460nm bulbs and I have to say these have been an absolute game changer for me. I will never run anything different. 

I have noticed an increase in germination, a tremendous decrease in seedling mortality, and a notable increase in plant growth and overall vigor. The bulbs are more expensive on the front side but a small investment to make based on the performance of plant growth.








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Your plants are looking great Todd!  I am using the T5 High Output 6500 bulbs and have become concerned that my plant's leaves look washed out - too yellowish green for my liking.  Your photos here show a deeper green color to the leaves.  Are the leaves actually this deeper green color or is the color because your camera's picture taking is being influenced by the color of the light?

I can get the T5 HO 6500 bulbs for less than $5 a bulb.  A quick look on google makes it look something like $20 each for UVB, 420nm, and 460nm bulbs.  When you start running multiple fixtures that extra money adds up fast.  You really think it is worth that much?  What do you look for as to useful life time for the UVB bulbs?

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I had the exact same experience with the yellow leaves on my seedlings running under 6500k lights. They were slower to grow, didn't handle any change in temps or lighting well at all, and just didn't appear to thrive. I decided to give the other lights a try.

The first picture here is from October so roughly five months ago when I pulled my seedlings from under 6500k lights and then put them under the UVB, 420nm, and 460nm bulbs and the second picture is from yesterday. You can certainly appreciate the difference, I also feed quite heavily.

Most of these seedlings were planted from May-Aug so you can see the growth during that time frame. You can also see the just how yellowed they were vs. how green they currently are. 

I have found the cost on the front side of course being different than the standard 6500k bulbs but this is my hobby and much cheaper than building hot rods or something.




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