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Thank you very much to these people whose donations of $20 USD have funded the forum for one month in 2017.


January,  Frank Omilian

February, Ursula Wistuba

March, Christopher Mallett

April, Todd Kramer

May, Jay Vannini

June, Shimi

July,  Andreas Wistuba

August,  Andreas Wistuba

September,  Andreas Wistuba

October, Jordan Ives

November, Jay Vannini

December, Frank Omilian


Want to join the list of contributors?.  If so, please send me, (Frank Omilian, forum administrator)  $20 US by paypal to frankinmi@aol.com   with the “note” line saying “forum”.   All contributions will be acknowledged here by name (or let me know if you prefer to be acknowledged as “anonymous”). Thank you for your support.

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Again, I think Frank has come up with a simple, elegant, crowd-sourced "fix" that avoids any real P&L implications for the forum administrator/s. Selling plants to fund a few Benjamins' worth of annual maintenance fees would seem to be more trouble than its worth, since a price overage might be technically construed as income, no? I would hope that we get a rush of donors as people check into the site and see that it is user funded, ad that the bite is quite manageable for almost anyone. It would be nice to see it adequately funded for the next few years, not just the next few months...


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