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Hello all,


As some of you might know I have expressed an interest in taking over this forum, I have started to look into the process here in Australia. The main concern I have is that there hardly seems to be any activity on this forum in the past weeks, only a hand full of members ever seem to log on and mainly guests are looking at this forum most times I log in. I have not posted many new articles myself lately as I have been very busy building my new larger shadehouse, but  will have about a dozen new titles with pictures to post once this project is finished, if this forum is still going!  I would like some feedback from as many members as possible regarding the continuation of this forum as it seems hardly worthwhile continuing such an expensive forum if there are only about a dozen or so committed members. Another thing that could be looked at is one of the free forums with advertisements, I know that Andreas and others do not like these, but it might be the only way of keeping this forum going. Please get back to me with your thoughts on this matter.




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IMO, don't bother chasing after this concept if you need adverts. To me, a complete turnoff on plant fora. There is enough bombardment of visual spam everywhere else on the 'net. The primary problem today is that they're are just too many free riders on internet plant fora who do not contribute anything to the discourse. I'm guessing Pokemon Go is the new shiny object that will keep the masses entertained this summer, so wouldn't expect to see any uptick in engagement.



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Just visiting more or less weekly as this is a side interest to me (CP man myself) so just don't much to contribute unless I make a trip and run into the plants.

No problems with ads, but in general most fora are going under anyway due to FB etc.. Few die hards refuse to let go but unless another member brings them the stuff from FB and twitter (Boy do I hate that blue bird) they start missing out on news. People want instant answers these days and that you can't search is not an issue.they just ask again and there is always someone who will answer...

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Not much feedback from members or that many views either, sad to say I think this forum has run its course. The only other idea I have is to make it a broader subject forum, that is to add CP's and other plant oddities. Many members started by growing orchids or CP's or both and still do, I am  one of them. Many members only have the odd Myrmecophyte growing in their greenhouses with other plants that require similar climatic conditions eg: CP's, Orchids, Gesneriaceae, Tropical ferns, Hoyas, Tropical aroids etc.  A forum that covers all types of plants that can be grown together and still bring up to date information on Myrmecophytes could keep members that only have a few of these plants interested and they could then share their knowledge with other members  of their main subjects eg: orchids or aroids etc. while learning about Ant-plants themselves and possibly increasing their collections and knowledge of these plants.

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I personally think it is a great idea to expand the forum to draw in more attention, conversation, and participation. There are very few folks that I know that keep Ant Plants as a primary collection. A few in a collection are usually relegated to a back corner of a tropical greenhouse as a curiosity while the primary stage is taken up by orchids, aroids, or carnivorous plants.


The days of forums are starting to wane. Social Media is rapidly killing forum participation. That said there is still a need for a solid foundation of conversation and information.

For this forum to succeed there will need to be a sense of welcoming and participation, encouragement for conversation and to create the desire for people to return.


I am happy to help this forum grow and succeed to include donations to keep this forum going if needed.


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Broadening the forum's appeal/relevance is a really wonderful idea.  I suggested the same thing back in 2014 but I supremely and superbly and spectacularly failed to sell the idea!  Speaking of failing to sell ideas... I'd also love to test out the pragmatarian model.  Each month forum members would pay $1 dollar... but they could choose which posts they allocate their pennies to.  This would... 


1. help cover maintenance costs

2. allow us to use our pennies to communicate our valuation of the content

3. provide an incentive for people to share valuable content

4. allow people to quickly and easily find the most valuable content


I just recently posted a blog entry about this model... Cross Pollination: Journalists and Economists.  

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