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  1. Hydnophytum formicarum at the 2019 Culver City Succulent and Bromeliad Show... If anybody is interested in seeing other show plants, I posted the pics on my blog.
  2. Saw this thread in the GrowingOnTheEdge forum. It contained a photo of a super neat high-elevation habitat with some ant plants growing on tree ferns. Searched for the photo and found the same photo here. Then I searched for the text on Flickr and found it... Puncak Jaya and ....... with Fern Trees. After that I shared the photo with the Epiphyte Society on Facebook. Lastly I figured that I'd inform you folks about the photo. It's not tagged with keywords related to ant plants so you wouldn't find it via a relevant Flickr search. It's the first time that I've ever seen ant plants growing on tree ferns. According to this page, it seems like the ferns are at around 3,500 m, 11,500 ft elevation. I wonder where in the world would be the closest sea level climate equivalent? I'm going to suggest Eureka, CA. I'm sure that there's a closer match though. I really don't know about the temps at the equatorial (more or less) elevation of 3500 m. I'm guessing it's pretty brisk.
  3. Broadening the forum's appeal/relevance is a really wonderful idea. I suggested the same thing back in 2014 but I supremely and superbly and spectacularly failed to sell the idea! Speaking of failing to sell ideas... I'd also love to test out the pragmatarian model. Each month forum members would pay $1 dollar... but they could choose which posts they allocate their pennies to. This would... 1. help cover maintenance costs 2. allow us to use our pennies to communicate our valuation of the content 3. provide an incentive for people to share valuable content 4. allow people to quickly and easily find the most valuable content I just recently posted a blog entry about this model... Cross Pollination: Journalists and Economists.
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