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  1. Hydnophytum formicarum at the 2019 Culver City Succulent and Bromeliad Show... If anybody is interested in seeing other show plants, I posted the pics on my blog.
  2. Saw this thread in the GrowingOnTheEdge forum. It contained a photo of a super neat high-elevation habitat with some ant plants growing on tree ferns. Searched for the photo and found the same photo here. Then I searched for the text on Flickr and found it... Puncak Jaya and ....... with Fern Trees. After that I shared the photo with the Epiphyte Society on Facebook. Lastly I figured that I'd inform you folks about the photo. It's not tagged with keywords related to ant plants so you wouldn't find it via a relevant Flickr search. It's the first time that I've ever seen ant plants
  3. Broadening the forum's appeal/relevance is a really wonderful idea. I suggested the same thing back in 2014 but I supremely and superbly and spectacularly failed to sell the idea! Speaking of failing to sell ideas... I'd also love to test out the pragmatarian model. Each month forum members would pay $1 dollar... but they could choose which posts they allocate their pennies to. This would... 1. help cover maintenance costs 2. allow us to use our pennies to communicate our valuation of the content 3. provide an incentive for people to share valuable content 4. allow people to quickl
  4. Stone Jaguar! Thanks to you there's a Yucca growing on my tree! Regarding images of epiphytic ant plants...I'm guessing that you're not on flickr? Flickr has a bunch of really great photos of EAPs. The problem is that nobody has consolidated them all. It was the same thing with photos of orchids growing on trees. So I created a flickr group dedicated to orchids growing on trees. I searched for relevant photos and invited them to be added to the group. Now the photos are all in one place. Hopefully the group will help inspire more people to grow orchids on trees. How can epi
  5. Andreas, thanks for the insight! You're correct that a large proportion of epiphytes are orchids. And they are by far the most popular group of epiphytes. But you're incorrect that having one category for orchids will somehow "mask" less popular epiphytes such as the ant plants. Like I noted in my second post...the carnivorous plant forum has a category for orchids and in no way, shape or form has this negatively impacted the main topic of carnivorous plants. If somebody wants to discuss only orchids...then why would they join this forum, with only one category for orchids, when they
  6. Derrick, do you grow any EAPs outdoors year around in New Zealand? So your argument is that less people would participate on this forum if the subject was broadened to include all epiphytes? How's that even possible? Who would leave and for what reasons? Maybe somebody would say, "ughhh, there goes the neighborhood"? Did people leave the Dendroboard when a category for plants was added? Did participation decrease on the GardenWeb when they created a category for orchids? Was there a mass exodus on the PalmTalk forum when a category was added for tropical looking plants other tha
  7. My first post! I'm going to attach a few epiphytes (topics) to this branch (thread). I found out about this forum a few months ago on ebay. I probably did a search for "Myrmecodia" but I can't remember exactly which vendor it was that mentioned this forum in the item's description. Epiphytic ant plants are awesome so it was pretty great to learn about this place. I immediately added it to my long list of plant forum bookmarks and every once in a while I lurked around. It's been on my "to do" list to register and I finally got around to it. A little bit about me... I live in
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