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Myrmephytum species 1 (Huxley & Jebb)

Andreas Wistuba

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I tried to find this mysterious Myrmephytum species at the original location where Kanehira & Hatusima found the specimen cited in Huxley and Jebb (1991). The plants pictured were found approximately 40 km inland from Nabire, however it was impossible to find a place or river called Dalman. Nobody of the many locals I asked had ever heard of Dalman.


I am not completely sure if this species is identical to the one found at the south coast near Triton Bay.


A similar species was found on Waigeo island. However the tubers of the species from Waigeo were much more elongated and plants were always pendent, being attached to the trees with the help of strong roots while the plants of "species 1" are more cone-shaped and attached to the tree with the help of roots and a very broad base.


Most plants were sitting in the highest trees and were very hard to photograph.







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