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Lecanopteris crustacea Edwin Bingham Copeland published in University of California Publications in Botany 12, p406, (1931.)  Basionym Phymatodes crustacea (Copeland) Richard Eric Holttum published in Revised Flora of Malaya 2, p190, (1993) according to

http://www.tropicos.org/Name/50250490 : or

Phymatodes crustacea (Copel.) Holtt. Rev. Fl. Mal. 2, 190, (1955), according to

https://worldplants.webarchiv.kit.edu/ferns/ &

http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/page/3455811#page/233/mode/1up or in

Ferns of Malaya, 2, p190, (1955.) according to Gay et al. (1994.)

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In my book I report a record of this species occurring with L. sinuosa in lowland savannahs along the Binaturi River, Western Province, Papua New Guinea. I suspect this is an error.


Why did you suspect an error, Derrick? A confusion with abnormal specimens of L. sinuosa?

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