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Please advise on the cultivation of M.tuberosa.
 I bought the plant from Dutch growers. It stands in a container with vents on the west window. I dew with rainwater every day.
 I did not transplant the plant. Temperatures in the vessel can be around 30-35 ° C. I do not know what I am doing wrong. Can anyone advise me?




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Hi Ladislav,   The other 3 plants in the case look good,  are you treating this new one the same as those or different?  

What do you mean by "dew"?  Does that mean you only mist the plant and do not saturate the growing media with water?

Does the growing media for this sick plant have sphagnum in it or is it all bark pieces?

I see the droopy leaves as either a lack of watering or as a fungus causing rot in the stem or caudex.

If you have not given the plant a good watering yet - as in set the pot in a bucket of water for a few hours so the bark or sphagnum can fully absorb water - than do that immediately. (Do not submerge the actual plant just have the water deep enough in the bucket so the entire media has a chance to soak up all the water it can.)

If you have the media fully saturated with water already, do not water more until it starts to dry out.  If the drooping continues gently touch the stem and caudex to look for soft spots that could be rot.  (If the pot is just very dry the caudex will be somewhat soft because it normally stores water - but if the softness is because of the caudex turning to black mush inside that is rot and it needs to be cut out if the plant is to have a chance to survive.)

Let us know how you proceed and how it works.  Good luck

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