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Medinilla & Monolena & Triolena

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Monolena is such a mystery to me. seems every pic of diff ones r named primuflora. r ppl just giving them that name or r there that many variants? an i was sent a few Calycogonium hispidulum but these i have r not. i believe them to a Monolena.. 1st 2 pics r Medinilla succulenta, 3rd Monolena wendlandii, 4th Monolena trichopoda, 5th Monolena primuflora, 6th Monolena primuflora flower, 7th Medinilla scortechinii flowering, 8th & 9th received as Calycogonium hispidulum [NOT] amuse a Monolena?? 10th & 11th Monolena sp. [Ecuador], 12th & 13th Monolena??

Medinilla succulenta #1-plant.JPG

Medinilla succulenta #1-fruiting.JPG

Monolena trichopoda.jpg

Monolena wendlandii.jpg

Monolena primuflora #2 thru #9-plant.JPG

Monolena primuflora #1-flower.JPG

Medinilla scortechinii.JPG

Calycogonium hispidulum #1-caudex.JPG

Calycogonium hispidulum #2-plant.JPG

Monolena sp.-plants-#1, #2, #3.JPG

Monolena sp.-plants-#1-caudex.JPG101_0684.thumb.JPG.280b01ce14ac972dcdb411ec9646748a.JPG101_0687.thumb.JPG.2fc04b6b4a3bc7c8922bf906b6e25d9f.JPG

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