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thus far Hydnophytum orichalcum has quickly become my fav amoung my ant plants collection. simple because of its way diff caudex from most others. i'm training my mother plant bonsai style. as u can see in the first 3 pics. i decided when i first got into ant plants i had to trim back a few plant due to growing them in terrariums. less expensive terrariums r on avg 18"-24" tall. i could kick myself now for selling for selling my 180 gallon tall [4'] tanks. oh well live an learn. i'm wrking on a greenhouse outside for summer an one in my basement for winter. after memorial day i always put my tropical plants outside for the summer. the 4th, 5th, an 6th pics r of my cuttings i took when i first received this plant around may of last yr. abt 20 cuttings.  to make space for for other plants i pulled the cuttings up a few days to see if they where starting to take good root an if they had starting growing out their caudex. the ones that were growing to slowly i was going to through away. to my surprise they all had started both. great roots an very good starts on their caudex. i have other cuttings of diff ant plants that seem to take longer to grow out their caudex an a few others that r freaking awsome. i will show those in a diff tread later soon.

Hydnophytum orichalcum #1a-caudex.JPG

Hydnophytum orichalcum #1a-plant.JPG

Hydnophytum orichalcum #1-plant.JPG

Hydnophytum orichalcum-#1-f1's-cuttings.JPG

Hydnophytum orichalcum-caudex.a.JPG

Hydnophytum orichalcum-caudex.JPG

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