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Dischidia major in cultivation - flowers and seeds

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Has anyone cultivated Dischidia major and had it flower and set seed?

If so, were you able to germinate and grow plants from the seeds?

I have recently acquired two D. major plants that are rooted cuttings.  I'm just curious if D. major flowers easily in cultivation and produces viable seed.

Thanks for your help.


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Hi Bern,  I grew it in a greenhouse in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA for about 7 years.  It started out as a cutting on a piece of tree fern.  When that started growing off the tree fern I nailed  that to a tree trunk in the main conservatory and it has grown up that trunk about 8 feet.  It has always had some of the bullate leaves but it has not flowered there.  I know it got regular fertilizer, but I cannot say that it ever grew vigorously for me - perhaps that is why no flowers.

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