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  1. Fantastic! Wonderful work. Thank you for the tour. Alan Schroder
  2. Stone Jaguar, Thanks for taking the time to help me understand my current issues. From what you have stated, I think the issue may be the fluctuations in humidity in my orchidarium. Im having trouble regulating it but something im working on. The plants are healthy, blooming and producing seed, but unsightly. I also will be getting a fertilizer that is close to what Jeff has described, thanks Jeff. I keep so many different kinds of plants that I am not the best at fertilizing all of them, but I will make sure to help my ant plants along Thanks again Alan
  3. My ant plants have been displaying scars on the leaves sometime after the emergence of the new leaves. I have been noticing this on both my Myrmecodias and Hydnophytums. The new leaves always emerge looking healthy, but then show the scaring. I grow my plants in an orchidarium under cfls and I water with RO. I dont fertilize them. Can anybody help me gain some onsite on why this is happening? Any help is greatly appreciated. Regards Alan
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