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Myrmecodia tuberosa "bracteata"


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I place this here for obvious reasons.

Will the real Myrmecodia bracteata please reveal itself.
M. bracteata nom. nud. See M. tuberosa Jack “bracteata”. I have no source for the name of this “variant”. It possibly originates from one of the following collections (H&J p279) but they have proven difficult to locate on line.   C. R. Huxley & Jebb, https://www.repository.naturalis.nl/document/565633 
Except. Anderson, Jar: S 9873, (1958) On a stunted padang (open area) tree, in the centre of peat swamp. Borneo Island, Malaysia. Sarawak Province, Lobok Pasir, Baram River.
Yet both of these Leiden sheets are endorsed M. tuberosa ‘muelleri’ sic.
Purseglove P4893, Lae, Sarawak, Telok Asam, Bako Nat. Park,
Collections not found on line. . Borneo, Central Kalimantan, Pangkalang, Westerafd, Dunselman 153 (BO). Brunei, Tutong District, van Niel 4330 (L). Sarawak, Bako, Carrick & Enoch 167 (KLU) presumably K. L. U. Sarawak. Baram River, Haviland & Hose s.n (1894.) (K). Sarawak, Kuching. Beccari P.B. 361 (FI.)
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