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An unusual form of H.Moseleyanum from Iron Range

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On a recent trip to far north Queensland I called in on an Ant-plant grower of 30 odd years, who has also introduced many different native forms and populations to the hobby. Living as he does in the northern end of the wet tropics in the distribution area of the southern form of M.platytyrea sub.antoinii   and also in the middle of the spiny form of M.beccarii coastal distribution, he grows his plants outside in his tropical garden where they thrive with the aid of the correct species of ants which are native to the area. He was keen to show me an unusual form of H.moseleyanum from a fairly dry area of Iron Range, this plant has slightly smaller and more succulent leaves than normal, develops prickles on parts of the caudex but its most unique feature is how its inflorescences are expressed on a peduncle. On returning home I sent photos of this plant to Dr Ashley Field at Cairns University who informed me that in his field trips to the Cape he had observed H.moseleyanum plants with smooth, bumpy, pimply or almost with spines on their caudex before but never with a flowering peduncle. He asked me if I had collected seed, as it would be interesting to see if this trait would continue in subsequent populations in cultivation, I did and have sent some to Rita Kupke to grow in her Nursery, kept some for myself and also sent some to a grower in the US.  Dr. Ashley Field hopes to have a closer look at this cultivated plant next time he is in the Mossman/Daintree area.


The collector of this form in part of his garden.DSCF3701.thumb.JPG.a4922d70c040e5dbf2a819e1b35cbe90.JPG

The overall plant.DSCF3702.thumb.JPG.f9c1bddb3a627cb26523d4e3f9f28ccb.JPG

Close up of the caudex.DSCF3706.thumb.JPG.d7b0e9933d6029531d7577749261fa86.JPG

Flowering and fruiting peduncle.DSCF3707.thumb.JPG.38692b515eada44c1da94f69c7bf6964.JPG

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