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In line with previous years we are searching for sponsors to keep the forum going. 

Just like Frank did before me, I intend to keep this Forum alive and accessible due to the huge amount of information and so many exceptional photos of ant-plants that have accumulated here. I invite all our members and guests to contribute to this endeavor as well - with postings and/or monetary contributions. (Postings anytime and funding for the months to come)

With our monthly fee to our internet host "Invision" being only $20 it should not “break the bank” for most of us to pitch in and fund a month or two. This small amount is keeping the fabulous photos and information we have accumulated here available to the entire world via the internet.

To fund a month, please donate to my paypall account 'jelle.dehaen@hotmail.com' with the name you want me to use for you in the overview of the sponsors (or let me know if you prefer to be acknowledged as “anonymous” or perhaps as "guest") each $20 donated keeps the forum online for an additional month. Thank you very much for your contribution. 

For those interested in becoming a returning or permanent sponsor, feel free to contact my via my email: jelle.dehaen@hotmail.com

Returning sponsors are taken up in the decision board and help decide over the future of this forum including possible upgrades and/or additional features. 


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