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lecanopteris ( document)

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This article has already been covered in "A list of references" in the forum "Ant Plants - general information, literature and links" and links to this important article can be found in the Lecanopteris section of my book along with many others.

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on this document


2 subgenus


Myrmecopteris with L.mirabilis ; L.sarcopus (M.lomarioides) ;L.crustacea ; L.sinuosa


Lecanopteris with L.curtisii ( L.deparioides) ;L.pumila ; L.celebica ; L.carnosa ; L.luzonensis ; L.balgooyi ; L.spinosa; L.holttumii, L.darnaedii


with their description  , their distribution , their ecology


a very very great document  for these genus.



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