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New Guinea visitor information.

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I am starting this thread to encourage the garnering of information regarding easier and more economical ways of exploring this ant-plant rich island.  Please add to this thread and perhaps others can start a thread to areas of the world they are familiar with.  http://www.pngholidays.com.au/

  There are no Papua New Guinea tours devoted to epiphytic myrmecophytes, but there are a number of tours designed for birdwatchers, including tours of the Gazelle Peninsula, on New Britain Island which would have been a far cheaper way to travel than my private visit.  Piggy-backing on such tours will provide opportunities for photographing myrmecophytes; for example, the following tour includes Varirata National Park where various hydnophytums and myrmecodias are very common and an Anthorrhiza species may also be found. 


Trekking in probable Anthorrhiza habitat.


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A new Papua New Guinea highway connecting Port Moresby to Lae, that was first proposed decades ago is (possibly???) going ahead.  The terrain varies from lowland floodplains to rugged mountains and it will certainly be an enormous feat of engineering.

Map here on page4. http://www.jica.go.jp/english/our_work/evaluation/oda_loan/post/2003/pdf/2-32_full.pdf


Progress report Aug 2014 here.



Traveling this highway will provide many opportunities to photograph epiphytic myrmecophytes, including Anthorrhiza and possibly currently unknown taxa.




Edit. Surprisingly there is an enormous amount of resistance to this proposal coming from PNG's Central Province and the National Capital District, home of Port Moresby. This link provides a counter view to the fears of objectors. https://ilovemycentralprovince.wordpress.com/2014/10/19/trans-islands-highway-alternative-view-nao-badu/

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