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Lecanopteris ridleyi and Platycerium crustacea ???

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I quote from the below abstract "ant nests in the myrmecophytic epiphytic ferns Platycerium crustacea Copel. and Lecanopteris ridleyi H. Christ."

As far as I am aware there is no such species or synonym of Lecanopteris ridleyi but there is a Lecanopteris crustacea Copeland which hints that the generic names may have been inadvertently transposed from the specific names. However, the only Platycerium name attributed to H. Christ according to Tropicos is P. sumbawensis indicating that it originates from Sumbawa Island in the Lesser Sunda Islands Archipelago not from Borneo Island where this study took place. 



I then remembered Jay's article herein (see under Platycerium ridleyi) that surely confirms my suspicion that the specific names have been transposed.  Yet numerous persons are now citing the above article thus prolonging the error. 


Here is the first use of the name Platycerium ridleyi H. Christ. (as sp. nov.) in Annales du Jardin botanique de Buitenzorg in supplement 3, partie1, page 8. Botanical abbreviation is (Ann. Jard. Bot. Buitenzorg Suppl. 3: 8 (1909)) Yet according to the book's title page it was published in 1910. The name P. ridleyi H. Christ seems not validly published.  


I also note Christ's P. sumbawensis also on page 8, also seems not validly published.

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