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Lecanopteris domatia entrances

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Hello everyone. I started these Lecanopteris from spores. I really enjoy watching these grow. If I remember correctly, and by appearance, they are L. deparioides. Recently I noticed the formation of what appear to be entrance holes along the sides of the rhizomes. I though this was interesting so I thought I would share some images.

This is a before and after set of the same fern. The upper photo shows the rhizome before entrance formation. The lower photo shows the growth progression of what appears to be entrances. So far the entrances start out yellow-green then develope a purple or dark purple color around them.


More images of the entrances. Progressively magnified. There is a new entrance forming (yellow), ahead of the dark purple entrance.



This next image is of another fern forming entrances. 


I just think these ferns are amazing. 

I am hoping to get more detailed images of the entrances to post.




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