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Thank you very much to all who have contributed to the funding of our forum in the previous years!



Every time I sign on to our Forum the first thing I check is who is currently online.  Over 90% of the viewers are "guests".  Many of our original and early members have left or visit only occasionally.   This is not really a surprise; there has always been an "ebb and flow" to what group of plants are popular and being sought out in any given year.  The "tide is clearly out" on ant-plants right now.

I intend to keep this Forum alive and accessible because there is so much information and so many exceptional photos of ant-plants that have accumulated here.  I invite all our members and guests to contribute to this endeavor as well.

With our monthly fee to Invision being only $20 it should not “break the bank” for most of us to pitch in and fund a month or two. This small amount is keeping the fabulous photos and information we have accumulated here available to the entire world via the internet.

To fund a month, please email me at franksantplants@gmail.com   with the name you want me to use for you in the chart below (or let me know if you prefer to be acknowledged as “anonymous” or perhaps as "guest").  I will email you back with a paypal address for you to send your donation to.  Thank you very much for your contribution.

First in line to contribute this year is Shoal Creek Succulents, a USA grower selling on eBay and Etsy with excellent reviews and feedback.  Thank you very much!

Yesterday, Jan. 3rd, was a great day!  Two of our members stepped forward to fund a month of the forum.  Thank you very much Jules and also Marcel Van Den Broek!!  Your support is appreciated!

Once again Ken Howell has funded 2 months of the Forum.  This is the 5th straight year Ken has done this for us!!!!!  You are a superstar Ken, Thank you very much!

Maxwell Solomon was inspired to contribute here after he made some recent buys from Andreas's Carnivorous Plant Shop and was impressed with how much additional information and the photos he found about those plants here.  Glad you found us helpful Maxwell!  Thanks a bunch for your contribution!


Please make your mark in 2022 by stepping up and helping with the forum funding.


Thank you all, Forum Administrator, Frank Omilian 



January - Shoal Creek Succulents, Thank you very much for starting the year off for us!

February - Jules, Thank you very much.  Jules is one of our newest members.

March - Marcel Van Den Broek, Thank you very much for helping to keep us going forward.

April - Ken Howell, You are a superstar Ken! Thank you so very much.

May - Ken Howell, Your consistent support is deeply appreciated!

June  - Maxwell Solomon, Glad you found valuable info here Max, thanks for your support! 


August -

September -

October -

November -

December -

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