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Microgramma tuberosa (Maxon) David Bruce Lellinger published in the American Fern Journal 74(2) 1984.  Basionym Polypodium tuberosum William Ralph Maxon published in the American Fern Journal 33, 1943. Synonym Solanopteris tuberosum (Maxon) Rauh published in Tropische und subtropische Pflanzenwelt 5, 1973.

  Habitats:  Endemic to subtropical or tropical moist Andean forests at 1,000-1500 m. (3281-4921ft.) where it is threatened by habitat loss.  . Altitudes of La Chonta Town, Ecuador, a reported habitat, vary from about 494 m. (1624 ft.) to 918 m. (3015 ft.) but the average is 512 m. (1680 ft.)  Most of the natural vegetation is intact, closed to open-canopied broadleaf evergreen or semi-deciduous forests. Climate is classified as warm-temperate dry-forest to tropical savanna biozone, hence semi-arid; the period around June & July is driest, while July on average has most sunshine.  Night temperatures are cooler and rainfall peaks around March.  Much of this region has a distinct dry season and there is a 20% chance of severe droughts (La Nina?); however, as indicated by its habitats at 1000- 1500 m. (3281- 4921 ft.) this species may prefer wetter, cooler, higher elevations somewhere above La Chonta town.  Yet there seems to be a distinct probability they have to survive dry spells that obviously are far more accentuated for epiphytes with no access to groundwater.

  Range: Ecuador, Zamora-Chinchipe Province, vicinity of La Chonta town (4° 57' South, 79° 6' West) at the south-eastern end of the Amazon basin.

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