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Neotropical Myrmecophilous Melastomatceae

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Neotropical Myrmecophilous Melastomataceae.

Most of these names are historic because all members of the tribe Miconieae are now placed in a sole genus Miconia. In my 2020 edition I hope to list all changes under Miconia along with as many synonyms as possible. Most species are shrubs or even small trees but some are hemi-epiphytic and occasionally truly epiphytic, even occurring in ant gardens. However, because they have so much interest to students of myrmecophytes I am listing all ant  friendly species in my tome which is mostly reserved for epiphytic species.   

Allomaieta grandiflora, Blakea austin-smithii, Blakea chlorantha, Blakea formicaria, Blakea involvens, Blakea jativae, Blakea perforata, Blakea podagrica. Blakea podagrica subsp. ciliata, Blakea polyantha, Blakea punctulata, Blakea subconnata, Blakea subvaginata, Clidemia acostae, Clidemia allardii, Clidemia allardii subsp. maranonensis, Clidemia allardii, Clidemia ayangannensis, Clidemia ciliata, Clidemia ciliata var. testiculata, Clidemia cymosa, Clidemia collina, Clidemia crenulata, Clidemia ferox, Clidemia foliosa, Clidemia folsomii, Clidemia heptamera, Clidemia heterophylla , Clidemia inobsepta, Clidemia juruensis, Clidemia killipii, Clidemia lanuginosa, Clidemia myrmecina, Clidemia neblinae, Clidemia pilosa , Clidemia pubescens, Clidemia rodriguezii, Clidemia setosa, Clidemia trichogona, Clidemia spectabilis, Clidemia sprucei, Clidemia taurina, Clidemia tenebrosa , Clidemia tococoidea, Clidemia ventricosa, Conostegia dentata, Conostegia hispida, Conostegia inusitata, Conostegia setosa, Henriettella cuneata, Maieta guianensis, Maieta neblinensis, Maieta poeppigii, Merianthera burlemarxii, Miconia bailloniana, Miconia expansa, Miconia flaccida, Miconia hospitalis, Ossaea bullifera, Tococa aristata, Tococa bullifera , Tococa bullifera var. glabrata, Tococa capitata, Tococa caquetana, Tococa caudata, Tococa ciliata, Tococa cordata, Tococa coronata,  Tococa filiformis, Tococa gonoptera, Tococa guianensis, Tococa hirta, Tococa lancifolia, Tococa lancifolia var. anaphysca, Tococa leticiana, Tococa macrophysca, Tococa macroptera, Tococa macedoi, Tococa macrosperma, Tococa obovata subsp. obovata, Tococa parviflora, Tococa parviflora var. mansenrichensis, Tococa tetramera, Tococa pauciflora, Tococa quadrialata, Tococa racemifera, Tococa rotundifolia, Tococa spadiciflora, Tococa stellata, Tococa stenoptera, Tococa stephanotricha, Tococa symphyandra, Tococa undabunda, Topobea gracilis, Topobea inflata, Topobea pluvialis.

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