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  1. This is very likely D. bengalensis but could also be D. litoralis. They are almost indistinguishable even when in bloom. A microscope is needed. In my experience, the confirmed clone of D. litoralis I grow has a fragrance and typically produces umbels numbering up to 10 flowers whereas D. bengalensis typically produces only two or three at once. Edit: Just wanted to add a bit about D. ablida. It is almost completely restricted to peninsular Malaysia where it grows as a montane and semi montane plant often in conjunction with D. astephana, even growing entwined in the plant. The foliage is very dainty and ovate, produces small urceolate flowers that are typically white with pink corolla lobes but some clones are all white.
  2. I'll post some photos of my plants when I get a chance. It is a beautiful plant and it sets seed frequently. I have some seed for those interested in trading.
  3. I have heard that this species also has ant relationships. Not sure how valid it is but the species does produce a caudex that has similarities to Hydnophytum and Lecanopteris.
  4. Great info Frank. Now just to get one to try it ;-) Every time I tried to get one it fell through.
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