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Myrmecodia beccarii with ?pink fruit.

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Here are the only two reports of pink fruits found in M.beccarii that I have been able to find. "Widespread both in and out of rainforest. Flowers white, fruit pink. [seed sample taken, seeds lab. 11 Oct 1976. Pollen, NSW, 28 Oct 1976." Collected by a C. H. Gittens, in the Kutini Payamu (Iron Range) National Park Region, Cape York Peninsula, Queensland, Australia.

   Ripe fruits quickly dry to a brown colour, so it is now impossible to check the accuracy of this claim.  However, I strongly suspect it is an error.

M.tuberosa also occurs in this region and its fruits have been described as pink. However, I consider them more translucent red than pink. Therefore, I suspect that M.tuberosa fruits have been inadvertently matched to a M.beccarii specimen.


Here is another claim of pink fruits in M.beccarii.


"Cairns Inlet. Back mangrove, on Rhizophora. Leaves fleshy, midgreen (sic). Flowers white. Fruits pink, seeds 3. Photos with specimen at BRI.

This is a collection made by Dr Camilla Huxley during her early ant-plant studies. That both dates are in 1976 may also be a revealing coincidence.

I have examined numerous populations including those on Rhizophora not only along Cairns Inlet, but in numerous other sites for hundreds of kilometers along the Queensland coast. I have yet to see a single pink fruit. 

See xerophilia.ro for a pictorial series of M.beccarii

And see M.beccarii growing on Rhizophora stilted mangroves on Trinity (Cairns) Inlet


In summation, I strongly suspect there are no populations or even single plants with pink fruits, but my health allowing, I intend to check more populations.

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