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    time from flowering to seed set on Myrmecodia beccarii?

    Frank - Thank you As far as I know the beccarii that is in North Queensland only has the white/cream coloured fruits. The reddish coloured ones seem to be from PNG or Asia. We are looking at the spined form that occurs in the Cairns area. It seems that the majority of the flowers that are left on the plants by the ants develop into fruit. Not 100% sure if it is self pollinating - yet ...... The ant interactions with this species is very interesting ..... Stone Jaguar - J - thank you for the additional information. I have been told by one of my professors that plants that are in the university greenhouse will flower and fruit nearly all year round under pampered conditions! I assume that all of the plants that people have in their collections do not have an ant colony present? This project seems to be coming up with more questions all the time! I am a bit surprised at how little research has been done on this group.
  2. An interesting behaviour that we have noticed with the ants associated with the plants is that they are removing the some of the flowers. The flowers are fully mature, not sure if they have been pollinated and appear to be in peak condition (no signs of deterioration to indicate old flowers ready to drop) The ants are cutting up the flowers and are taking them inside the plant. Due to the legislation protecting this species, it is not possible to cut open or damage the plants to see where the ants are taking the flower parts to. This is an intriguing behaviour as the ants do not remove all of the flowers on the plant and ants only remove flowers from their own plants. Would be interested to know if other people have observed this behaviour in this species, any other Myrmecodia species or other ant-plant species.
  3. justabeginner

    time from flowering to seed set on Myrmecodia beccarii?

    Thank you J appreciate the info
  4. I have a research project to complete on this species and was wondering if anyone could give me information on the time that it takes from flowering to seed production on this species? I'm expecting variation in time with cultivation techniques and location of plant. Any information would be helpful TIA Angelina