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Myrmecodia kutubuensis


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Myrmecodia kutubuensis C. R. Huxley & Jebb. The tuberous epiphytes of the Rubiaceae 5: A revision of Myrmecodia, Blumea Vol. 37 (2) p294, (1993) http://www.repository.naturalis.nl/document/565633

Type, Papua New Guinea, H. J. Gay, 23, (1993) holotype LAE. Not found online.

Other collections. Dr Honor Gay, 60, Southern Highlands Province, Lake Kutubu north bank, ½m above water’s edge on a bankside (NOT bankshire sic) tree. With Lecanopteris sinuosa.

Infauna. Pheidole ants. http://data.biodiversitydata.nl/naturalis/specimen/L.2936142

Lae 258375 no image. Gay 57. As kukubuensis in error. http://www.pngplants.org/

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