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Jay has done it again!!! A second epic blog article on ant-plants!!!!


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Run, don't walk, over to Jay website and blog at  "Exotica Esoterica".  It is at:   https://www.exoticaesoterica.com/

Because today Jay has given us his second blog article that highlights our ant-plants.  You all know what a great grower of plants he is and after last year's blog when he wrote about the "Big 5 caudexed ant-plants" you knew he had some writing skills.  Well, after you read this one you are going to wonder why he doesn't write for someplace important, like The New Yorker or the Washington Post!

This is an incredible article!!!  Part way thru you may think to yourself "this is about Adeniums and Japanese Bonsai".  Don't you dare quit the article at this point!  By the end you are going to see incredible photos of incredible plants in all 5 of the Rubiaceous ant-plant genera.  In this article Jay is going to impress you with how he grows them, how he shows them and how he photographs them.

This is a fantastic article   ------ scoot, go read it now!




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Head again over to Jay's website and blog at  "Exotica Esoterica".  It is at:   https://www.exoticaesoterica.com/

You will find an annotated version of a PowerPoint presentation given by Jay (as the keynote speaker) at the International Aroid Society on September 21, 2019 in Miami, Florida. The presentation is titled: Notes from the Fringe: Cool Aroids Hot/Hot Aroids Cool

The slide show is fantastic, the images are excellent and Jay shares great insights into the philosophy and history of cultivating rare and desirable plants.

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