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The crux of this post is that the quoted types of online available specimens are NOT filed as H. terrestris. I can only find the one below which is endorsed 
H. montis-kani. I found it by using its collector's number, Kairo 459.   

H. terrestris Jebb & C. R. Huxley, sp. nov. The tuberous epiphytes of the Rubiaceae 7: a revision of the genus Hydnophytum. Blumea 64, pp67/68, (2019.) 
A member of their Papua New Guinea group. Type Kairo 459, (holotype LAE; isotype A, Bulolo, CBG (Chicago Botanical Garden), K, L, UPNG). 
Papua New Guinea, Lufa, track to Mt Michael, 5 k. SW Lufa. 

Errata. Lae Herbarium has this filed as, Hydnophytum montis-kani A. Kairo 459, 12 Apr 1982, Locality: Papua New Guinea, Eastern Highlands: Track to Mt. Michael,

5km SW of Lufa. (06 21 S,145 17 E)” Habitat: Disturbed, Nothofagus (Antarctic or Southern Beech) dominated ridge forest. Habit/Notes: Small, erect branched treelet,

height 15m??? Presumably its perch height. Leaves dull dark green above, dull green below, flowers white, fruit brownish..

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