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Huxley and Jebb Hydnophytum revision is published!!!

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Thank you for the heads-up, Frank!

An excellent resource and, obviously, much to quibble with. It is clear that the authors have taken a very "safe" route and only accepted species with very clear major morphological differences. The placement of the species treated into natural "Groups" is a very useful development. While this treatment is not necessarily new, it is very well fleshed-out in the paper.

The sinking of all Philippine Hydnophytum spp. into H. formicarum and H. moseleyanum may warrant closer scrutiny down the road.


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As I update Epiphytic Myrmecophytes: Bizarre Wonder of Nature 2019 (currently almost through chapter 9, Hydnophytum, I uncovered quite a number of hints of what to expect in a revision.

About a week ago someone on the WWW reported that this revision was imminent  but I found that vary hard to believe. We had waited soooo long.

I now have to re-evaluate this entire chapter that has already involved many months of work.  It has been designed primarily as a searchable a database, supported with photographs wherever possible. So it probably still has value for a wide range of enthusiasts.  

I do wonder how much will change as botanists apply ever more molecular genetics in their work; for example, some of what are only suggested manuscript names may need to be resurrected.  My database probably has most of them. 



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Thank you Frank!  Great reading and the illustrations by Rosemary Wise are fantastic!.   The retention of the morphologically Hydnophytum-like Squamellaria  in the genus Squamellaria for purposes of 'stability' and to support a 'Phylogenetic Concept' indicates (at least to me) that future genetic investigations into the group may eventually lead to some differing conclusions.  Don't throw those old names away yet!

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