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Based on the list of collections for M. tuberosa 'rumphii' in the Huxley and Jebb revision of the genus Myrmecodia it does not appear that they are on Bali, nor expected there, because what plant localities are listed in the revision are a long way from Bali.  I have no other experience or resources that would suggest rumphii is on Bali but that is not something I ever tried to find out or researched.  We have a few members here from that area, perhaps one will have knowledge and speak up.

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Looking at the distribution map there seems to be no specimens logged between West Java and Sumbawa Island, so the variant in Bali could be 'armata' or 'rumphii'. It could also be a variant that has not been looked at yet, this would seem a bit strange as East Java, Bali and Lombok are easy places to travel to and carry out field collections.

Distribution of M.tuberosa variants.jpg

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