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Hydnophytum sp. Malaybalay


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Does anyone else grow this plant? I assume it is the same one from this thread. Does it prefer highland, intermediate, or lowland conditions? How much moisture and humidity does it like? I've been growing the plant for about a year and a half, and while it's grown a significant amount of root mass and the caudex has expanded somewhat, it doesn't seem to want to keep more than two leaves at a time.


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I grow two plants of Wistuba's "Hydnophytum sp Malaybalay"  that his website describes as "Nice dark green and glossy leaves. Slow grower."  I got my plants earlier this year from him.  Here are a few photos of my plants.  They are small and in 2-1/2 inch pots.  They have the leaves he advertises - dark green and glossy.  They have grown well for me and lost no leaves.  Does your plant look like mine?  If not, it would be helpful if you could post a picture(s) of yours.

As to whether they are the same as the "Hydnophytum sp. Malaybalay" you gave the link to - I don't know.  I think it is quite a reach to make that connection given the huge difference in age of the plants.  I think we would need Andreas to tell us if they are one in the same.   What say you Andreas?



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The plant I am growing looks like the plant in the second photo with the rounded leaves and is labeled the same. This plant has been stable and growing very slowly for me also. At first it lost the lower leaves. In almost one years growth It has the same pair of leaves with a new set finally emerging. It is kept in highland conditions on the dry side. Compared to the growth of the plants in the above two photos, I think my plant would greatly benefit with an environmental change as well.

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