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Help! Problem with M. armata

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Sorry to see this condition on your plant. Quite a spectacular reaction by the plant to some sort of microscopic arthropod infestation I would guess. I would clip all the leaves at the base and gently rinse the plant with lukewarm water on a daily basis for the next several days. Do NOT clip the growing point. I'm assuming you do not have access to current generation chemical controls as a home gardener in Germany, so you might try spraying with neem oil and a surfactant at recommended rates, every five days through next full leaf flush. Neem oil is essentially useless if you don't get all surfaces and stay on it systematically for several weeks. Remember it acts like a summer oil, so keep plant out of direct sunlight or it will burn.

Good luck,


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Some sort of eriophyid/gall mite that appears to favor myrmecodias, is my latest "best guess". You would need to get the leaves under a high x dissecting microscope to be sure what is going on, IMO. Could also be other sucking arthropod pest, but certainly not merely the byproduct of relative humidity fluctuations.


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