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Symposium with ant-plant speaker, May 2016

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Check out this website about a symposium in Munich, Germany this May. 




There are some very interesting photos of the internal cavities of ant-plants and some plants from Fiji on the link. 


It is a symposium for ants but one speaker, Guillaume Chomicki, looks to be addressing the relationship of ants with the ant-plants on Fiji.  There is an additional link to his homepage.  He may have interesting things to say.


I hope one or more of our members in the area can attend and give us a report.  I tried to contact the venue as to whether the symposium papers will be published after the symposium but got no reply.

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Thanks for this information, Frank.


Moreover, some other lectures will include ant-plant mutualism:


Walter Federle, Zoology, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Biomechanics of ant/plant mutualisms

Guillaume Chomicki (lab of Susanne Renner), Munich University, Germany
Gain and loss of specialization in various symbioses between Philidris and Rubiaceae on Fiji

Elizabeth Pringle, currently on a research professorship in Jena, Germany
From micro to macro, the trophic regulation of ant-plant/hemipteran mutualisms

Megan Frederickson, University of Toronto, Canada
Behavioral genetics of an ant/plant mutualism

Jérôme Orivel, CNRS, Kourou, French Guiana
Trade-offs in mutualistic investments in a tripartite symbiosis

Phil Ward, University of California, Davis, USA
The acacia-ants revisited: phylogeny and biogeography of an iconic ant/plant mutualism


The lecture from the colleague of Kourou seems to be pretty interesting, as many intersting ant-plants live in Frenc Guyana.

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