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H. parviflorum Miq. yet another name on a herbarium sheet with few details. Collector Junghuhn in Indonesia.

Type. http://ibis.biologi.lipi.go.id/specimen_detail.php?&species_id=0057QET166&spec=parviflorum&genus_id=0064I6M6CD&gen=Hydnophytum&family_id=00124Q9AB2&fam=Rubiaceae

“Franz Junghuhn completely explored Java's geography, geology and botany. He created the first reliable map of whole Java and countless of particular maps of Javanese regions,

including the Dieng Plateau. He was also the first who mapped the southern Batak territories on Sumatra. A breakthrough in botany was his successful

cultivation of Peruvian bark trees (quinine production) on Java. Junghuhn's writings are among the best of the world’s geographic literature and influenced

many scientists. His main work "Java, seine Gestalt, Pflanzendecke und innere Bauart" (1857) contains an incredible variety of detailed information on Java's

nature.” http://www.asienreisender.de/junghuhn.html

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