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Dischidia wallichii Wight (Robert Wight) was published in Contributions to the Botany of India 43. (1834) (Contr. Bot. India.)


I quote “D. Rafflesiana (Wall.) L. n. 4208. (Collection) Singapore, 1822, Wallich. Perhaps this may be the same with what is here named D. Wallichii (sic).” Thus this may be a synonym of what is correctly D. major.

Or perhaps of D. nummularia.  I quote,D. Wallichii Wight (sic.) camosa, caule foliisque orbieularibua glabria baud farinosia. Dischidia, Wail. ! Asclep. n. 64.- Nummularia lactea minor secunda, Rumphius Amb. B. 1. 176./. 3? Singapore; Wallich.” Nummularia lactea minor was a plant name used prior to the adoption of the modern Linnaeus system. It is now considered a synonym of D. nummularia see there.  

Ecology. A pers. obs., of C. R. Huxley-Lambrick (married name) to Guillaume Chomicki notes that this species is myrmecodomic. That Dr. Camilla Huxley used this name makes me wonder if it has precedence.


The Plant List records this name as being unconfirmed. www.theplantlist.org/1.1/browse/A/Apocynaceae/Dischidia/

The scan accessed above has many transcription errors.

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