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Although Facebook has an enormous amount of repetitive images and is often very low on well informed ant-plant information, occasionally some very useful images and knowledgeable snippets are posted there.  

   Also ant-plant questions on Facebook often go unanswered, I presume that is because few know the answer or it is hoped that someone else will make that little extra effort to reply.  In such cases, I would suggest that members of 'sister' groups tell the asking person, that prompt and accurate replies are enormously more likely to be answered HERE.  Or indeed, have already been answered.

   Furthermore, there are examples where members herein have come across some quite special hydnophytes in certain obscure groups but have not SHARED the fact that we exist or even thought to share with the major Facebook group (that incidentally currently has 543 members).  Thus the Facebook ant-plant group is very probably an important gateway into the world of ant-plants, so it does deserve to share the very best images that occasionally occur in the tiny breakaway Facebook groups. Incidentally, I am not in favour of these small go-it-alone groups, because they make dissemination of news far more difficult.  Consolidation of accurate information is important in the enormous morass of the Internet.

   Unfortunately this system does not allow the sharing of Facebook images etc., therefore, whenever a well informed individual or image shows up in various ant-plant forums, please inform the poster that we exist.  It is probably the best way to eventually get such images and their ant-plant knowledgeable owners here.  It would be nice to see some INITIATIVE shown.

One glaring example are the novel photos taken by Keisuke Hase on Ambon and Seram (Ceram) islands and posted in the tiny group https://www.facebook.com/groups/HYDNOPHYTINAE/?fref=ts  At least one member herein is a Keisuke san Facebook friend.  Have any of you thought to invite him here if he is not already a member.  If you are already a member Keisuke san, it would be nice to have your excellent images posted here.  It should not be too difficult for us to supply at the very least some tentative names.

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