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Topic naming

Andreas Wistuba

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Hello all,

the forum has a very nice feature: 

You can have the posts in one category sorted according to alphabet.

All you have to do is select "Custom" if you are in a forum "Ascending A-Z", "Topic Title" and "Remember Filters".

Of cause in order to make the most value out of this feature it would be great if you could name your posts staring with the plant name.

I have just renamed a few of my topics. E.g. "New finding of Myrmephytum naumanii?" was renamed into "Myrmephytum naumannii - new finding?" 

If we always follow this scheme it will be very easy to find posts related to a certain species in the future, when hopefully we have hundeds of interesting posts in the forum. It also means, that we should try to restrict to one species per topic.

I hope it is ok with all of you if I rename posts that do not follow this scheme? I wait for some feedback before doing so.

All the best



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