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Port Moresby Nature Park, Papua New Guinea.

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Famous for its enormous collections of orchids, but when I visited I was very disappointed that there were no ant-plants there.  I have suggested they start a collection.

  It is possible to comment on their above Facebook page, so please add your suggestions THAT THEY DO SO. They certainly need more tourism there.

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To Port Moresby Nature Park. <portmoresbynaturepark@gmail.com>

   "Dear sirs & madams. It is now a few years since I visited what was then the Capital Botanical Gardens at the end of a tour through a number of your provinces, primarily to photograph epiphytic myrmecophytes. I certainly found the gardens and its wildlife fascinating and I noted the enormous collection of native orchids on display. My young guide through the park was also exceptional. However, I was both surprised and disappointed that not a single species of your truly unique myrmecophytes was on display.
  New Guinea and its many smaller islands holds by far the most species of these truly bizarre plants and there is an ever growing interest in them around the world. Opportunities for seeing almost all species are rare to almost impossible, but having a single venue where numbers of species could be easily seen, would surely attract more tourists to Port Moresby.
  The genera of most interest belong in the Family Rubiaceae, but Anthorrhiza do not even have any photographs on the Internet, other genera are Hydnophytum, Myrmecodia and Myrmephytum. In other plant families, genera of particular interest are Dischidia and Hoya in the Apocynaceae, and the weird ant-ferns Lecanopteris in the Polypodiaceae.  
  There is an ever growing information source regarding these plants on the Internet. For example, try searching for "Derrick Rowe, Myrmecophytes" or browsing the forum  
  I have been watching with much interest your vast improvements to your park and i extend my very best wishes for your continued success."                                                                   Regards Derrick Rowe.


  I have just sent this email. I trust other members will from time to time support this initiative .  New Guinea is a truly fascinating place to visit and having a venue to see numbers of these widespread species in one place would be another excellent reason to visit and learn.

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Herewith their reply.

"Hi Derrick, Thanks for visiting the Port Moresby Nature Park during your travels through PNG. I hope you enjoyed it.
As you noted we are currently in a phase of vast improvements throughout the park and we are currently focusing our efforts on infrastructure, as the grounds were very much run down when we took over management of the park. In the two and a half years as the Nature Park we have turned it around to be the most visited tourist site in PNG, with over 110,000 people visiting annually.  As we slowing finish our upgrades to facilities, pathways and exhibits, we hope to focus a little more on showcasing the native and endemic species of plants of PNG. Hopefully in the future Myrmecophytes may be a part of our collection.
We look forward to you visiting next time you are traveling to PNG and who knows we may have some specimens on display for you."
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