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Myrmecodia tuberosa 'Bogor Gardens'

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Hi Robert,


I don't grow the form you are calling 'Bogor Gardens' and do not know who named it.  But if it literally means a plant that was growing wild in some garden in Bogor on the island of W Java than it is probably Myrmecodia tuberosa 'armata'.  I say that because, according to locality data in Huxley and Jebb's revision of the genus Myrmecodia the only variant of Myrmecodia tuberosa growing on that west side of the island of Java is the variant 'armata'


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Some caution may be needed here. I would not be surprised if a number of Myrmecodia taxa are grown in these gardens. Herbarium Bogoriense is a world renowned resource. 




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Hi, Robert.

Beautifully grown plant, as always. I think you're right about the suspected ecotype. This is exactly like the better "armata" types sold in the 'States from a couple different Bornean (i.e. Bako NP) and SE Asian accessions. As yours illustrates, a well-cultivated specimen really is a fantastic caudiciform succulent.


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Hi Jay

I have two of these plants and two "armatas" from Malaysia, I have inspected these plants side by side and the only difference I could find was that one form had marginally narrower leaves. At this stage it could just be seedling variation, once I grow up about a dozen seedlings of each and compare them I would not take much notice of this.


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I have a few thoughts to share on this 'armata' business.   Just because a plant is from Borneo does not mean it is an 'armata'.  Look at the map I posted above in this thread.  It plots the location of all the Myrmecodia tuberosa variant plants that Huxley and Jebb cite in their revision of Myrmecodia.  You can see that two other of their variants are found on Borneo -'apoensis' and 'bracteata'

The descriptions of those three variants seems to indicate that 'armata' is best recognized by the fact that they have "10 to 15 pairs of lateral veins in each leaf that are straight and parallel over most of their length".   Robert's plant in his Feb. 27, 2017 post above certainly looks to have those kinds of veins in its upper left leaf.

Any plant from Bogor National Park, Sabah, or Sarawak on Borneo cannot be 'armatas' because 'armata' is only further south on the island than those places are.

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for Borneo island  (borneo- sarawak ) species  I think like FRANK .

may be others morphologicals caracters to see : the clipeoli , the alveoli , the leaves midrib , and also if the clypeoli continue to the base of the stem .










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