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Yes, both Hydnophytum and Myrmecodia spp are quite vulnerable to spider mite infestations. Those with non succulent leaves are particularly attractive to spider mites. Like Andreas, I grow my hydnophytines alongside other plant families that may be spider mite magnets, so I spray regularly together with a behaviour modifying substance to move males out from the lower leaf surfaces. If you do spray, remember to rotate at least three chemically unrelated miticides to avoid developing pesticide resistant mites. Predatory mites as an environmentally neutral alternative are very effective in large collections where they can move about and maintain at least a residual permanent presence. in most small collections they will die out after they have consumed the existing pest mites, necessitating reintroductions on a regular basis. They are not inexpensive at retail level. I have released several types of arthropod biocontrol agents over the years and find their effect to be positive, but ephemeral. They are, obviously, susceptible to most insecticides to varying degrees.


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