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Fieldtripping in Northern Queensland, some antplants

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Hi, as I found some antplants during my hunt for carnivorous plants here are the links to the two Facebook albums I created.

Lots of other stuff there too ;)


Daintree, Tablelands: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.728920490501119.1073741833.100001495242442&type=1&l=9bbe93e9ca


Cape York: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.729317233794778.1073741836.100001495242442&type=1&l=4294fc3fcb


Hope you like them (and if you know what species they are please let me know :) ).

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Nice travel!

You've seen a lot of realy pretty plants and animals, lucky you are...

Your travel to see Carnivorous Plants was really complete!

What is the Drosera in the section Arachnopus? Simply D. indica or one of the new species described or re-instaured by Lowrie?


Thanks for this sharing Marcel ;)



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Hi Aurélien, That's Drosera serpens and it's sort of re-instated by Allen as indica is to him something different. In these new views (I have some doubts on part of them) there is no indica anymore on the Australian continent, it's all something else like serpens and some of the others.

Guess that will have some people fighting paperwars for the next couple of years....and the work on the binata's is still an ongoing process to add to the fire when it gets published :rolleyes:

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