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Aechmea longifolia

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Aechmea longifolia (Rudge) L. B. Smith & M. A. Spencer published in Phytologia 72(2) 1992.  Basionym Bromelia longifolia Edward Rudge published in Gayana, Botánica 1, 1805. Synonym Streptocalyx longifolius (Rudge) Baker.

This is both an ant-house and an obligate ant-garden epiphyte inhabited by aggressive ants that live in its ‘pseudobulbs’ (probably a word used loosely here) as well as in their carton nests.

Description: Plants medium-sized with pinkish inflorescences and white flowers.  Mature leaves are long and hang downwards when mature to deter rainwater from entering ant domatia.

Habitat. High in the canopies of primary forest.  Range. Amazonian French Guiana, Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia.

Best potted, kept moist and protected from cold in a warm, bright position.

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