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leaf or stem cuttings


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Hi Jeff,


Stem cuttings


I have 1 Hydnophytum moseleyanum stem cutting that developed a caudex from early on:


... but the rule is that it won't happen.


Leaf cuttings


I've also taken leaf cuttings. Typically they root reliably in Sphagnum but it takes a while. They also develop a mass of tissue that looks like the beginnings of a caudex. But they always die back when transplanting. If you try leaf cuttings, place/mount them in their final location and forget about them.


Caudex cuttings


One plant of mine was in a location that was too wet and the caudex was going bad. I carved it up, each piece with a stem with leaves on it and mounted them. They're still alive after almost two years but they don't recover. They do flower, so it's a way to start again or to save a precious plant.

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Found the pictures in my archive. Andreas, it was indeed a young plant:



A shot showing the emergence of the roots as white spherical knobs (that appendage is a bit of Sphagnum). The stem is already inflating a bit:




It was rooted in Sphagnum moss, this picture shows the development of the caudex:




Here's how I start leaf cuttings:




The leaf is attached with some thin plastic strapping. After several weeks the first roots appear:




A lot later a swollen mass becomes visible:



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