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Lecanopteris mirabilis.

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Lecanopteris mirabilis (C. Christensen) Edwin Bingham Copeland published in University of California Publications in Botany (1929)  Based on the basionym Polypodium mirabile C. Christensen published in Index Filicum p545, (1906.) , see below.

Other Synonyms.

Polypodium imbricatum Karsten, in Ann. Bot. Jard. Buit. 12, p168, (1895), an illegitimate name, non (not) Liebmann F. M. (1849).

Polypodium mirabile C. Christensen, Index Filicum p545 (1906), nom. nov. pro Polypodium imbricatum Karsten (1895) non (not) Liebm. (1849).

Pleopeltis imbricata Alderwerelt, in Bull. Dept. Agric. Ind. Neerl. 27, 3, (1909), nom. nov. pro Polypodium imbricatum Karsten (1895) non Liebm. (1849).

Polypodium ulotheca Brause, in Bot. Jahrb Syst. 56, 204, (1920).

Myrmecophila ulotheca (Brause) Ching, in Sunyatsenia 5(4), 260, (1940).  Myrmecophila was already in use for an ant-house orchid genus.

Myrmecopteris mirabilis (C. Chr.) Rodolfo Emilio Giuseppe Pichi Sermolli published in Webbia 31, (1) 237, (1977.) Myrmecopteris are now ‘subsumed’ to being a subgenus but probably without a formal publication.

Myrmecopteris ulotheca (Brause) Pic. Ser., in Webbia 31, 237 (1977).



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