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Dischidia major, tropical North Queensland, Australia.

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IMG_0163 Dischidia major growing alongside the ant-house tuber of a Myrmecodia. Iron Range National Park, Cape York Peninsula, North Queensland, Australia..JPG]


post-3-0-72914700-1392518337_thumb.jpg  This is the most southern population recorded in Australia being only a short drive north of Cairns. Although these domatia leaves equal the size seen in more northern populations, the plants are much smaller in overall sizes and were much greener.


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Dischidia major (Vahl) Merr. (Elmer Drew Merrill) published in An Interpretation of Rumphius's Herbarium Amboinense p437, (1917).  http://tropicos.org/Name/2607595

http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/page/44102255#page/445/mode/1up .

Basionym Collyris major Martin Vahl published in Skrifter af Naturhistorie-Selskabet 6, p110, (1810.)

Synonym D. rafflesiana Wall. (Nathaniel Wallich) published in Plantae Asiaticae rariores vol 2, (1831.)

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